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2022 Bibliophile calendar

A limited edition, gilded calendar of artwork inspired by the insight hidden within books. Illustrated by 12 book-loving artists.
noun: bibliophile; a person who collects or has a great love of books.
This project is a celebration of books and the gold that awaits those who search through pages of thought made manifest.

Printed in shimmering gold on gorgeous black paper

Each month’s art is designed by a different artist, making one big collaborative project.

The vision for this project is to celebrate books and bring their  insights into our everyday lives in a manner worthy of their substance —  how better than by foil printing whimsical art expressing these finds in shimmering gold? Each artist selected a quote that was meaningful to them and endeavored to express its light in their own unique style.

Each calendar is beautifully packaged with a wax seal stamp as the final touch.

12 Artists

1 | JANUARY | Bethany Butler
2 | FEBRUARY | Kayla Wood
3 | MARCH | Glauco Lima
4 | APRIL | Hannah Barr | @inklingofme
5 | MAY | Rachel Dugan
6 | JUNE | Monique Maloney
7 | JULY | Danny Lee
8 | AUGUST | Sarah Clarke | Remarkable Visuals
9 | SEPTEMBER | Dustin Phelps
10 | OCTOBER | Anne Claire Houck
11 | NOVEMBER | Kelly M. Davis
12 | DECEMBER | Rhonda Anderson | OCD Design Studios