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Liberty 2017-2018 Viewbook


Liberty Viewbook
2017–2018 undergraduate resident viewbook

Completely overhauled Liberty’s resident undergraduate viewbook / lookbook design and content as part of the “We the Champions” campaign release. Also designed the envelope carrier that the viewbook is sent in, and the degree listing insert.

Soft touch cover with spot UV applied to text

Degree Listing Insert

Trifold brochure

Lists all programs of study and is sized to insert in the viewbook.

The degree listing insert contains all the programs of study available for Residential Undergraduate students, and we designed it to help provide guidance to the student who might not yet know what they will study.


2017 Higher Ed Marketing EduAD Awards Silver Winner:
We the Champions Campaign
(components of submitted campaign)

 Created while working in Liberty’s Marketing Department. Design by Rhonda Anderson.


Drew Gula, Writer | Liberty University Photo Team, Photography |  Shante Calloway, Manager