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Dave for HBG Campaign

Promotional materials created as part of the Dave for Mayor 2021 campaign, alongside Churchill Strategies who designed the brand identity.

An Illustrated Map of Harrisburg, PA

To encourage the different neighborhoods of Harrisburg (HBG), PA to unite and celebrate their differences, we created this map illustrating the different characteristics of each. The hope was that residents would search for their neighborhood and appreciate all the variety and diversity that is found in the capital city of Pennsylvania.

Postcards, the Nostalgic Way

This illustrated map was used on postcards that were then printed and custom messages were written by hand before each one was sent out.

Custom messages were handwritten on this side of each postcard.

This City for Everyone design was proposed with the intention of attracting Latino audiences, but was ultimately unused.

Social Media Design



GIFs for Instagram

Logo design

Social media post

Watch Party Email Design